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"Okay this is absolutely incredible. Production is solid, guitar tone is f***ing DRIPPING with grrrrUAH if you know what I mean." — Xyrubusa"Is this on Spotify? Put it on Spotify, please. P.S. I'm the founder of Distrokid and I dont even care if you use Distrokid. Get it online!" — pudjam666 (btw, we did!)“do you guys have a single bad song? impressive stuff!” — mikgm“Caught this on the auto play; great song and superb guitar work.” — David Dunham"All of my babies have big biceps and are wearing sunglasses after this song." — knstrkt abel

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Bubblegum Prog

Overall, Bubblegum Prog is a genre that embraces catchy melodies, instrumental virtuosity, and a spirit of musical adventure."Bubblegum" melodies are vibrant, light-hearted, and instantly catchy. These infectious, earworm melodies draw listeners in and create a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere.The "prog" aspect of the genre refers to its incorporation of progressive rock and metal elements like complex time signatures and intricate arrangements, adding depth, complexity, and a sense of exploration to the music.Without the presence of vocals, the instrumental compositions take center stage, allowing for a more immersive and interpretive experience and inviting listeners to create their own narratives and emotions based on the music's melodies and dynamic shifts.Bubblegum Prog provides an enjoyable and captivating musical journey that combines the best elements of bubblegum pop and progressive rock, offering an uplifting and melodic experience while delivering the complexity and musical depth that fans of progressive rock crave.

Isle of Man | England | California


Pete and Dave grew up in rival metal bands on the Isle of Man, but after realizing the error of their ways, combined forces to create Peachy, releasing several EPs to significant acclaim. Then, deciding the Irish Sea wasn't big enough of an aquatic obstacle to overcome, they added Sean as the final piece of a transatlantic trio after meeting through a 6 month old "drummer wanted" Reddit post.


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